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You can get it Right the First time with Rowe Ford Westbrook

So, here's the story. You might believe it. You might not. But either way, here it goes. We had a customer about a week ago. We'll call him "Dan." Dan came to our dealership with a horror story. And we remembered Dan because he stopped by about two weeks ago to purchase a car. But, he decided to go with another vehicle at a different dealership.

So, he bought the car, and less than a week later, he's at our dealership looking for another car. Where is the one he bought? At the junkyard. Turns out that the price was low because the engine was on the verge of going bad. He lost money in the long run, but we set him up with a pre-owned vehicle that's proven to last. Instead of making a mistake, you can learn from Dan's.

Quality You Can Trust

Dan's mistake started when he went to a questionable used car dealership in South Portland. Our official Ford dealership gives us more credibility when it comes to inventory. The same professional mechanics that inspect and prep our brand-new Ford inventory will do the same for our pre-owned inventory.

They'll double-check your components and performance capabilities to ensure your vehicle can handle the road in Westbrook. You'll have no reason to question your vehicle's reliability because our professional mechanics are paid to correct, repair, and prep your vehicle for purchase. In addition, you'll have more confidence to purchase with our detailed vehicle history report. And if you opt for a certified pre-owned vehicle, we'll layer your protection with extended warranties and other tools to keep your confidence high.

Used Ford Inventory

When you talk about our used Ford inventory, you'll definitely mention our certified pre-owned Ford models. These vehicles come with 172-point inspections, a comprehensive limited warranty that covers over 1000 components and lasts for up to 12 years and 12k miles. We've got Ford trucks like the Ford F-150 and SUVs like the Ford Edge, Ford Expedition, and more.

Used Truck Inventory

Although the Ford branded Trucks are the most popular in the nation, we've got another group of high-quality pickups that can handle any job in South Portland. You can browse our inventory and find vehicles like the Ram 1500, Toyota Tacoma, and Chevy Silverado. If you're looking for a daily driver or something to haul some heavy-duty weight on the job site, we've got great choices in stock for you today.

Used SUV Inventory

SUVs are practical and economical ways to transport you and your family in Westbrook or South Portland. Spacious interior designs, expansive cargo areas, and family entertainment are abundant. We have vehicles like the Dodge Durango, Hyundai Palisade, Toyota RAV4, Nissan Murano, and more.

Used Sedan Inventory

Efficiency, attractive exterior design, and great handling features are just a few ways to describe our pre-owned sedan inventory. If you're concerned about gas mileage because of the fluctuating gas prices, our pre-owned sedan inventory in Westbrook can ease your concerns. We have models like the Chevy Cruz with 30/40 MPG city/highway and the Hyundai Elantra with 29/38 MPG city/highway. You can cut those expenses at the pump and enjoy a reliable, efficient vehicle for years to come.

Financing Your Pre-Owned Vehicle in Westbrook

We'll handle the financing process for you. Or, you can get pre-approved online and cut out some of the paperwork. We're connected to various lenders in Westbrook, South Portland, and beyond. So, you'll always be in a great position to get financed. Don't worry about your credit history. We'll handle that. Let our finance reps work their magic and see if they can get you approved at a rate that matches your budget.

Rowe Ford Westbrook

So, you can learn a lot from Dan. Instead of shopping at an unsatisfactory dealership in Westbrook and losing your thousand-dollar downpayment, you can get it right the first time. We have numerous options in our pre-owned inventory that can satisfy your driving style. Check us out today and get driving tomorrow. Oh, and Dan says, "hello."