Ford Commercial Vehicles Can Help You Get the Job Done

When you invest in a vehicle for your business, you need a model that is dependable, durable, and configurable. Ensuring your new commercial will not stop until the job is done is essential for maintaining the livelihood and profitability of your business. Ford puts an unprecedented amount of time and thought into the design and innovation of its commercial auto products, which includes an impressive lineup of commercial vehicle options that are powerful and versatile. Offering support to those who support us, Ford is also immersed in the production of vehicles for first responders, paramedics, and other essential workers. Taking their motto of "Built Ford Tough" to the next level, Ford's commercial vehicles refuse to give up until the job is done.

2020 Transit

It is likely that you have seen one of these popular vans along your route to work or driving down your street. Boasting a variety of configurations and a lightweight body, Fords 2020 Transit van is a popular option among consumers. With construction that flows seamlessly through the body of the Transit, buyers are met with options at every turn. Allowed to choose from two wheelbases, two engines, three body lengths, and three roof heights, the Ford Transit can be completely transformed to meet any Westbrook consumers' business needs. With a gross vehicle weight rating of 2,960 lbs. to 4,530 lbs., the Ford Transit is up for any job it is met with.

2020 Transit Connect

As a smaller and more compact version of the Ford Transit, the Transit Connect is an economical and efficient van that would be a great addition to any business. Available as a single purchase option or as part of a commercial fleet, this vans smaller body makes it easily maneuverable and more fuel-efficient than other options. Featuring a variety of selectable upfits, the Ford Transit Connect can be changed up in many ways that benefit Westbrook consumers and their businesses. One of the most admirable features of this van is its large side panels that allow business logos and advertisements to be readily displayed for all to see.

2020 Transit CC-CA

As a standard commercial vehicle with a less common name, the Ford Transit CC-CA sets a standard for those looking for transportation and storage solutions for the toughest jobs. Once again featuring unilateral construction that keeps this vehicle's body in one piece, the CC-CA is known for its durability and heavy-duty attributes. With a broader range of upfit options than many other Ford commercial vehicles, the Transit CC-CA is also highly customizable. Boasting the look of a typical "box" truck, this vehicle is ready to go above and beyond for your business endeavors.

2020 E-Series Cutaway

Completely configurable, the Ford E-Series Cutaway has been a part of Ford's Commercial lineup for over 50 years. Its rugged style is completed by body-on-frame construction; the well-known Twin-I-beam front suspension has formed the basis for school busses, ambulances, and delivery vehicles across the nation. Complete with an upfit interface model, the Ford E-Series Cutaway is highly customizable and configurable to any career. From public servants in Scarborough to business owners, the Ford E-Series Cutaway sets the pace for other commercial vehicles to keep up with.

Super Duty Pickup

Big jobs call for big vehicles, and there is nothing more capable of exterior transport than the Ford Super Duty Pickup. With a reputation as one of the most durable, heavy-duty pickup trucks, the Ford Super Duty can handle a variety of jobs. From novice contractors to a roofing company fleet, the Super Duty Pickup is here to meet any Portland business needs you might have with its 7.3L gas V8 and available Turbo-Diesel V8 engine.

Other Ford Commercial Truck Models

Fords options for commercial vehicles don't stop there. For consumers who are looking for additional options, these models are also offered:

  • 2020 Chassis Cab
  • 2021 Ford F-650/F-750
  • Stripped Chassis

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