Ford Focus RS Offers Fast Torque Vectoring

How smart is your Ford Focus RS? When you tap on the brakes, it will send a message to the vehicle about what you need to be done. The lower-end car market offers Slow Brake Tapping Torque Vectoring, but your Ford Focus RS offers Fast Torque Vectoring. So what is the difference? The difference is that you don't need to slow down, while performing a "drift" with Fast Torque Vectoring. After activating your Focus' "Drift Mode Button," it engages this Fast Torque Vectoring. Professional race car drivers speed up to avoid dangers. James Dean is rumored to have tried to "hit the gas" to avoid his fatal crash. While you should not pretend to be a race car driver, you can use your Focus RS for simpler "drifting" maneuvers. The Fast Torque Vectoring allows you to "hit the gas" while "drifting around corners." It balances the different wheel speeds of your car.
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